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HICKORY THROWING can help your company with all its yarn needs. Serving the knitting and weaving industry since 1939, our commitment to customer service and innovation has made Hickory Throwing Company a trusted resource.

We specialize in performance yarns for hosiery including: Hydrotec Spun Polyester, Merino Wool, Wool Blends in Natural and Colors; Isolwool®, and Isolfil®, Neofil Filament Polypropylene colors.

We also stock Tilsa 1/18 dyed high-bulk acrylic colors and regenerated cotton polyester colored yarns by Ferre Hickory.

Modern two for one twisting offers endless possibilities to create yarns for any end use. Create marls, tweeds, or boucles in virtually any combination of fibers.

In addition to novelty yarns, Hickory Throwing offers a wide variety of premium specialty yarns including PVA, dyed nylon, dyed textured polyester, dyed spun polyester, and textured polypropylene in colors

Our experienced sales staff can answer any questions you may have. Contact Jim Flowers or Bill Taylor today.

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Spun Yarns

Cotton Polyester


Regenerated cotton/polyester blends in colors in counts 3/1 to 30/1
Ringspun and slub cotton yarns
Isolwool®, and wool/ Nylon Blends

Textured Yarns



Solution Dyed Colors
1X100/48, 2X100/48, 1X150/48. 2X 200/72
Representing Sapona Manufacturing Company on stretch nylon, polyester, polyester-lycra, nylon/lycra yarns.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Yarns

Spun from recycled material recovered from newly made fabrics, these high quality, cotton-blend yarns are used to produce bright, durable and soft, knitted and woven fabrics. Available in bleach white and a wide range of colors and counts.

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